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Kirkson Realty Group

Kirkson Realty provides an unparalleled level of personal service and offers a specialized boutique real estate experience. Before anything else, it is a good idea to sit down and clarify your why and draw up a basic time frame for the selling process.


Marc and his team of professionals visit your home to determine how to maximize the value of your home, and its net sales price: Some homes have been matained to perfection others are tear downs, and the rest are somewhere in between. Our personal Project Manager will provide you with a comprehensive proposal and explanation complete with detailed bids from our trusted vendors, who are amoung the best in the industry. Whether you approve, reject or modification the proposal before any work begins you will have a firm grasp of the current condition of your home and its value. We are experts at knowing which upgrades and repairs will bring you the greatest return.



HOME PREPARATION: A home that has been properly and professionally prepared creates the best foundation for selling success. We manage the work for you from preperation to completion: You are in charge of the process: only the worerk you approve will be done, you will know what is happening, when it is happening, and who is working on your home. (Want to know more details about the process? - Please check our Concierge page).

COMPLIMENTARY DESIGN SERVICES: The goal of our market listing team is to create a polished yet livable environment to highlight your property's unique features. We take a customized approach to selecting stone, tile, fixtures and faucets, appliances, lighting, flooring, hardware such as house numbers or drawer pulls, and plants for landscaping. (More details about the process is coming soon in Kirkson).

COMPLIMENTARY STAGING SERVICES: 94% of homes staged by an Accredited Staging Professional sell in 29 days or less. Attention to even the smallest details will ensure that your home appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers. As part of our service, we appoint a professional decorator who will consult and prepare your home for sale. Staging is critical and is one of the many tools we use to sell your home in the shortest time possible and for the highest price possible. (More details about the process is coming soon in Kirkson).

ON COMPLETION: After the inspections, updates, repairs, and fixes are completed, the transformation of your home will create an atmosphere that will appeal to the market’s current buyer demographic. The home will be in the position to attract the most qualified buyers who are in the market.


INTERNET MARKETING: Our innovative approach to marketing includes great partnerships with top real estate sites. We have been awarded for our performance by Zillow and Trulia. Our large ownership of ad space in the various zip codes allows us an automatic “Featured Status” for your home. Virally our online presence will put your home in front of 500,000 people per month and provide a tremendous exposure for your home.


Correctly pricing a home plays a huge part in getting the highest price possible and is one of our key distinctions. Pricing strategies vary enormously with market conditions. A well-priced home attracts the most buyers, as price is the single largest factor in a prospective buyer’s decision to make an offer. When pricing a home, David factors in similar nearby homes that are currently for sale, the number of active buyers looking in the area, the time of the year, local economic indicators, and the state of the financial markets to make sure we attract as many offers as possible and never leave money on the table.


As soon as your home is prepared and listed on the market, Baidra coordinates all showings of your property to buyers and their brokers. Baidra follows up to give you up-to-date feedback from the showings to help you understand how your home is positioned in the market.

To keep your home in perfect showing condition, Randi checks on your home periodically while on the market.


The open house period is one of the most important phases of the sale. We want as many potential buyers as possible to visit your home, spend time there, and come to us with any and all questions. Because our properties are exceptionally prepared, we also want to be sure that buyers have the greatest opportunity to tour your home. To do that, we have extended open house hours for the first weekend with refreshments and have our team on hand all day to answer questions and provide information. We often have a lender on site as well to answer questions from prospective buyers.


Our fiduciary responsibility to you extends all the way through escrow and final transfer of funds. Our aim is to make this legal step as easy and simple for you as possible. Our in-house escrow team meticulously handles all the legal and financial details of the transactions with you, including working with a title company, creating all the forms correctly with online signatures, and ensuring proper county registration of all documents. If needed, David pays for consulting assistance from an Attorney and Accountant who are on retainer to answer questions that will assist in the successful close of your sale.

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